Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We are winding up our Ghana side of work and will return Aug. 26th to the U.S. and continue from that end.  
Hans Akostah

The three men we had formerly planned for an African E-Center, Hans, Michael and Adeola want to continue with their own "Ghana Enterprise Support" Business and Bob has been working to help them establish themselves and find their nitch.  Stephen Abu who is in business development in Africa will use this new sub business for his own consulting needs and they are exploring other possible ventures. This business support group plans to assist meta level businesses in their desires to grow, providing needed information and expertise, connect businesses with financial and human capital and assist with training.They have presented an MOU to Engage Now Africa which we hope to sign before leaving.
Adiola Gbadegessin
Michael Ankomah
We surely have enjoyed working with these men and plan to continue supporting their efforts


On the certificate side, the soonest a certificate will be able to be approved and implemented is January.  It is being structured to accommodate the specific needs of Ghana. That has taken some learning and understanding of Ghanaian culture, perceptions and attitudes. 

Sometimes our efforts take the form of  determining  what won't work and where changes need to be made..  It is not time and effort lost because of the valuable information that is accumulated.

Golden Sunbeam School - Site of the new Golden Sunbeam College of Science and Technology

The original purpose for our visit was to assist the Golden Sunbeam School, supply a Soy Cow and get it operating.  That has gone very well and is fulfilling it's purpose.  We are sure in the future the E-Center in Idaho and the BYU Idaho Agribusiness personnel will provide a wonderful program that fits the specific needs of the school and that the remaining improvements needed can be covered by the interns coming from BYU Idaho this fall.

 We fell in love with the Jakcint Academy and hope that we can raise some funds for them to finish their addition to reduce their class size (60) to a more managable (30).  We'd love to bring back books to help create a library for the school.

This is only about 2/3 of the 1st grade class.

 We love BYU Idaho and the Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center and will always care about their growth and success and continue volunteering our services in their behalf

We realized from the outset that we needed to learn first.  We did a lot of listening and it has paid off.  We hope we can use those same skills in future ventures.

The people we met will be the treasure we take home in our hearts 

Elders Van Wagoner and Peterson

So many cute office people - 

Brandon Webster our "weekend son"

Ward members attending a baptism

John and Cynthia Koranteng, Owners of Jakcint Accademy - Inclusive and supportive - great hearts!

Contractor for Ensign College of Public Health

Emmanuel, Natasha and Rainy fed us and proviided transportantion on many occasions

"The Brethren"

Gifty Annon-Mensah - Summer visitor from Virginia

Tettah, guarded our apartment and greeting us
every morning.
Komla "Afasi - Director of Engage Now Africa

Sr. Heid,  Accra Mission President's Wife & friend of Rudens

Terry and Heidi Wall - Introduced us to Eugene, fed us and joined us for a night out! Introduced us to Pinocchios

Our Kwabeyna Ward Missionaries - Elder Bryan Henrie, Elder Cody Beckett, Elder Logan Van Wagoner, Elder Peterson

 Doreen is a member of our Kwabeyna Ward, a very bright woman with a good grasp of the gospel.  She often clarifies doctrine in both English and Twi.

Dante, Iris and Rainy Opare

Hans and Judy Akostah with Marx 8, Janie 4 & Wynn 2 - Baby due in September

Shadrach - a rambunctious non-member who
attends regularly
 Julianna & Veronica invited us to dinner
and are now on our instagram.  Sweet, warm and
generous women.
Stephen Abu Sr. Pioneer in Africa

Stephen Abu - Partner in AbuMcConkie - Great business contact and friend

Elder John Koranteng - Area Authority over PEF in West Africa - Great Support

Staff at Engage Now Africa - Paul Smiith, Franciso Wasam, Cecelia Amankwah

Eugene Braum "First Fruits" with wife, Cynthia and children Elvis and Georgette

Rebecca is the receptionist at the Area Offices and is
so cheerful and sweet.

She said, "You Obruni's (white people) are always on time!

This sweet new baby Maggie Abu was born in Montana

Russell and Shelly Cannon "rescued us " repeatedly!
It has been such a blessing to us to be able to live and work in Africa.  We have helped to develop some great relationships for the E-Center as well as for BYU Idaho and met some wonderful people. The blessing of spending an extended amount of time here has taught us a lot about the culture, the people and the challenges of Ghana.  We have made new friends and have identified many  beautiful Ghanaian qualities that we are striving to acquire.  Hope we can!  These people will be forever in our hearts.

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  1. I read about this from Shawni's blog, my parents are the Mission Presidents in the other Accra Mission: Norman & Raelene Hill. I recognized the Wall's from my moms blog over there. I also went to BYU-I, (Ricks). I'm hoping to go visit my parents in the next year, and would love to know of service opportunities I might be able to involve my kids with at the school. Let me know if you have something in mind! kristenduke @