Saturday, August 9, 2014


 We met to discuss the relationship between the Business Support Network Ghana, BSNG, Perpetual Education Fund, PEF and the Self Reliance Center, SRC. 

Plans were laid out concerning their vision, purpose and plans to assist meta level businesses with their needs and to be a resource  as they grow, become stronger and provide more employment. 

The meeting was amazing as the vision opened up to each of us individually and all of us together, just how this piece of the puzzle could fit to help build on the great work that is presently being done by these organizations and Engage Now Africa.
David Mensah, Bob Pothier, Marva Pothier, Elder John Koranteng, Hans Akostah

Relationships are being created and bonded as we feel a oneness in moving this work forward with each entity taking it's role and responsibilities to make it's unique contribution. 

There is truly no greater experience than to feel that unity and confirmation of the Spirit.

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