Sunday, August 10, 2014


One of the most satisfying things we have experienced was to meet this sweet family, learn about their pineapple juicing business and help them realize their dream of expanding their business.

Terry Wall, a former philathropies employee who serviced BYU Idaho introduced Eugene to us.  He serves in Eugene's ward, knew of his desires to expand with very small capital needs.

We learned of his commitment to the young people in his branch and his desire to be able to employ more of them so they could repay their PEF loans, with hopes to help them establish their own businesses.

We arranged for Eugene to come to the West Africa Mission Office for a meeting. 

Eugene has so many good qualities that qualify him as a good candidate for assistance.

  • 15 years experience in creating fresh juice
  • Dedicated to building the kingdom (Young Men's President in his branch and over PEF) 
  • Anxious to provide employment for the young people so they can repay their PEF loans with the hopes of eventually helping them establish businesses of their own in a village where so little employment is available.
  • Limited in his production by lack of capital, high interest rates and need to share a machine with 3 others.
  • Desire to innovate by producing jams from the by products.
  • Uncomfortable with any long term debt and anxious to borrow only as much money as is absolutely necessary and repay the loan  quickly 
  • Desire to use profits to buy his own machine
  • By expanding his business he will provide more employment for those in his seriously underemployed village.

We traveled to Nsawam, attended church at his branch and were able to see his operation.

Eugene provided good information about his business, all his expenses, sales and profits per day

Hans, Adeola and Michael (Business Support Group) did some research to get more information on the market, available supply, prices and Eugene's plans for expansion and the needed cash flow

Onces there was a clear understanding on both sides, papers were drawn up, money exchanged and arrangements for further mentoring meetings put in place.

Our desire is to use this business as a model for how meta level businesses can be mentored, financed and assisted in their growth.  

As time goes on the Business Support Group will be able to provide further resources to Eugene with additional research, accounting, marketing assistance, etc.

It was a pleasure to report back to Elder and Sister Wall that Eugene now has this opportunity to expand

Reviewing First Fruits created a good opportunity to teach the Business Support Group what to look for in future projects.


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